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    There have been many speculations about the relevance of delta-8 products, especially the carts, in people’s lives. From all indications and the sales figures, more people are obviously interested in using delta 8 carts instead of regular cigarettes. Additionally, there are arguments claiming delta-8 carts are better than smoking. However, we have discovered the diverse advantages that this cannabinoid has over smoking through our extensive research. This article will shed light on the discussion that has been a significant puzzle to people as everyone is always concerned about what decisions are best for their health. We should first clarify that while delta-8 thc products are extracted from hemp plants, not all cannabis strains are legal and safe for consumption. For example, delta-9, which is more potent and could cause a high that makes people hallucinate, is not permitted for use in public. Companies can get into legal trouble for selling products with a high concentration of Delta-9. But Delta-8 is allowed for use in many American states. Furthermore, delta-9 contains certain elements that give users abnormal psychoactive effects. However, it is not so with most delta-8 products. Overall, the best way to use these products is by buying from a reliable source. Before we go any further, we would like to say that delta-8 carts have revolutionized smoking as a habit. Previously, most people smoked and faced the health consequences that most likely cut lives short, according to medical reports on tobacco. However, revealing that it is possible to enjoy numerous health benefits while smoking delta-8 carts has attracted many users. They now abandon the regular, potentially dangerous cigarettes for delta-8 carts. Suppose you are a chronic smoker. Instead of ruining your organs with cigarettes, you will enjoy the same feeling and health benefits with delta-8 carts. DELTA-8 THC CARTS VS SMOKING Ever since the legalization of cannabidiol in 2018, the hemp market has continued to manufacture exceptional products. The companies in the industry developed the delta-8 carts. Specifically, they came about this mode of consuming delta-8 THC to ensure that users have a convenient method of using the product. Due to this new hemp-based product’s safety, potency, and effectiveness, its demand has been on the rise. On the other hand, we have discovered that it doesn’t positively affect the body no matter how or what you smoke in the form of cigarettes. Manufacturers in the industry often use tobacco to produce their cigarettes. Unfortunately, these tobacco products do not contain any safe and healthy content. Instead, they contain carbon monoxide, acetone, nicotine, and tar which are highly detrimental to users’ health. In addition, these products harm users’ lungs and their entire bodies. Smoking cigarettes induces both long and short-term effects on people. While we researched this, we saw many cases of people who suffered health deterioration once they began to smoke. Notably, some suffered immediate adverse effects while others used the product for long years before they began to suffer an onslaught of problems caused by consistent tobacco use. It is essential to realize that smoking harms almost all internal organs in the human body. In contrast, users consume delta-8 carts and enjoy multiple health benefits. Moreover, people who use delta-8 carts have positive testimonies about their improved health while consuming the product. Overall, while the manufacturers of delta-8 products advertise the effectiveness of their carts, the manufacturers of cigarettes do not bring out such public adverts because they know their products are harmful. The cigarettes packets feature obscure warnings “Smoking Can Kill You.” Thus, if the manufacturers can put such statements on their products, it speaks volumes about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. More people have made the switch to start using delta-8 carts for these reasons. They are convenient, safer, and affordable. HOW HAVE DELTA 8 CARTS REVOLUTIONIZED SMOKING? It is all about the features. Delta-8 carts have numerous outstanding features that attract more users daily. The health benefits are at the top of the list. Here are the features that have made a change in how people smoke these days: HEALTH BENEFITS One of the numerous ways delta-8 has radically changed smoking habits is its health benefits. Earlier in this article, we mentioned how smoking delta-8 carts induces enjoyable effects in users and the various health benefits that the carts offer. Additionally, we discovered that delta-8 carts such as vapes release minimal amounts of carcinogens with little to zero side effects. We discovered that people who vape have less CO in their blood. Furthermore, vaping delta-8 products help users relax and sleep better. Another health benefit of delta-8 over smoking is its antiemetic properties. Delta-8 carts help to inhibit vomiting and nausea. In fact, researchers used this product on children who had cancer and had undergone chemotherapy. Surprisingly, it stopped these children from feeling nauseous or vomiting as these symptoms come with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, we can not say this about smoking. Scientists have discovered that smoking cigarettes or secondary smoke inhalation are a common cause of nausea and vomiting. When the toxins from tobacco enter the human system, some people feel nauseous. BETTER TASTE Without a doubt, it is evident that delta-8 carts have a better taste than smoking. From our research, we got to know that cigarettes taste nasty. Some users reported that cigarettes taste like licking burning newspaper, while others said they tasted like ash. These descriptions are both unappealing. On the other hand, vaping delta-8 products help maintain the effects of the product and its good taste. Users can enjoy the flavor of delta-8 THC as terpenes are not destroyed. Moreover, vaping devices have temperature options that enable users to choose the best temperature for heating the delta-8 extract in the cart. WEED CARTS ARE REUSABLE Another advantage of using delta-8 carts over cigarettes is that users can reuse the vape carts. However, it is impossible to reuse cigarettes. Once you smoke a stick of cigarette, it turns out, and that’s all, but in the case of vape carts, you can use them repeatedly. You do not have to throw away the whole thing as it remains functional. To reuse vape vapes, refill or replace the cartridge. Then you can continue to use the battery and the vape container. You only have to replace the cartridge when it gets exhausted, but other vape components remain and last for more extended periods. PAIN RELIEF Several people light up cigarettes to “numb” their pain. Unfortunately, it does the opposite as time goes on. An expert pain management specialist once stated that smoking worsens body pain over time. How does that happen? Tobacco contains nicotine which deceives the body into feeling relaxed and painless as it releases dopamine in the user’s system, which helps them feel good. However, this tobacco impedes the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the body’s areas that need it. When there is a decrease in blood flow, it causes degeneration in the spines. Hence, it causes lower back pain. Moreover, smoking makes the human healing process slower. On the other hand, delta-8 carts help to relieve body pain. It has also been discovered that one of the fastest methods to enjoy pain relief is not by consuming delta-8 edibles but through delta-8 vape carts. Fortunately, you can enjoy more immediate pain relief with no side effects. Research showed that THC helps to reduce neuropathic and central body pain. BRAIN HEALTH We all know that smoking cigarettes affects the lungs and the heart, but most people don’t understand that smoking affects the brain. Tobacco contains nicotine which acts like neurotransmitters and sends signals to the brain. This nicotine mimics the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, so it increases signals sent to the brain. Unfortunately, the brain has to compensate for the increased reception of signals and begins to reduce the functions of the acetylcholine receptors. Then, the need for nicotine begins to increase. Even if you try to quit, the nicotine pushes your brain to release withdrawal symptoms which causes an intense craving for it. Moreover, smoking causes cognitive decline and increases the risk of users being diagnosed with dementia. Additionally, people who smoke suffer the risk of brain volume loss, affecting the structural integrity of subcortical brain regions. In contrast, delta-8 possesses solid neuroprotective properties. It helps manage and control calcium and potassium channels in the central nervous system and inhibits adenyl cyclase. Specifically, these activities help improve brain health. In addition, delta-8 THC aids in the treatment of degenerating mental issues. Hence, there is an improvement in the generation and growth of neurons needed for better brain health. CONTROLLED DOSAGE One feature that attracts users to delta-8 carts is that they can control the dosage. Unlike smoking cigarettes, you don’t have to inhale large puffs from your vape as a newbie mistakenly. The vape pens come with a setting that allows users to control their dosage. You can use different settings to get the dose that works best for you, and this way, you will be able to enjoy your vape at a consistent amount. However, it is impossible to enjoy this with cigarettes. Only experienced smokers know how to ration their puffs to their satisfaction.


    DELTA-8 GUIDE Every day, more people are willing to experiment with Delta-8 but are unaware of the right dose to take. Although Delta-8 does not pose any real threats, it is important to know how much is too much. If you are not careful about dosing a safe amount, you might see several side effects that can prove to be unpleasant. First of all, you must know your body well. Understanding how your body functions will help you calculate the correct amount of dosage. In an attempt to learn which dosage might suit you, there are a few things to keep in mind. This includes your body’s bioavailability and the average duration it takes for the onset of effects. These key points will assist not just with Delta-8 dosage but also if you want to experiment with some other substances. Secondly, you must be familiar with your metabolism. If your body has a quick absorption level, your drug will have more immediate effects. One way to test this is by looking at how much time it takes after eating before you get hungry again. Additionally, you can observe if the food you eat helps you gain weight quicker or slower. The same basic principle applies to checking your Delta-8 dosage levels. Here are some factors to consider before looking at a dosage chart: Tolerance: Some people have a naturally high tolerance. However, this affects your Delta-8 intakes to a low extent. The reason behind this is that Delta-8 increases your tolerance very quickly. Soon enough, people feel the need to increase their dosage. So, it would be best if you watched how your tolerance changes constantly. Body Mass: People who have a greater body mass need a higher dosage than those with a lower body mass. Your Aim: You need to know what goals you have or what you’re looking for. If you want a high dose of energy or an out-of-body euphoric experience, you might want to take a higher dosage. However, if you simply want a better mood or relaxation, microdosing will do the job. We would like to mention a general dosage guide here, which is easy to understand for people at all levels. Rookie: If you are new to taking Delta-8, 5mg-15mg is a safe place to start. Medium: If you have been using Delta-8 for a while now, you can increase your dosage from 15mg to up to 45mg. Veteran: Advanced users are fairly more experienced, and they are aware of how their body absorbs a drug so they can adjust their dosage to 45+mg. PARTICULAR PRODUCT DOSAGE TINCTURES & OILS Tinctures are similar to oils as they are often taken via sublingual administration. This type of consumption is the quickest way to see the effects of delta 8 tinctures. Some people prefer to add tinctures to their coffee or tea, although this process takes more time to reach the liver and shows prolonged results. Brands sell tinctures in bottles, which come with a dropper and a measuring scale already scribed into the glass. Generally, each bottle comes with a standard size of 20mg-40mg. The dropper has a scale of 1mL per single serving. The trick to controlling and measuring your dose is to divide the bottle size by the scale mentioned on the dropper. This way, a quarter of a dropper makes it around 5mg-10mg generally. VAPING & SMOKING Vaping is the most popular way of taking delta-8 among users. These include three different ways of taking Delta-8 carts, vape pens, and e-liquids in bottles. The vape pens are disposable, whereas the others can be reused. A general guideline is to start with 2-3 puffs per inhalation. However, this is subjective as it depends on you how much oil you pull in for inhalation. The more vapors you inhale, the more potent your high will be. In general, one inhalation contains anywhere from one to five milligrams of oil vapor. Moreover, there are a few simple ways to keep your dosage in check. For instance, if you’re new to vaping, you might not want to exceed 15mg. In this case, what you can do is to check the total number of sizes on the vape cart (which often equals 100 puffs) and divide it by how many milligrams you inhale. This will make about 3-4 puffs, which is more than enough for a starter. If you’re a more advanced user, you may raise this number to up to 10 puffs in one go. EDIBLES & GUMMIES Delta 8 has many edibles, but their dosage methods are the same. These edibles come in the form of coffee beans, cookies, gummies, and raw flowers. However, flowers and delta 8 THC gummies are the most famously sold edibles. All edibles usually take 2-3 hours to show effects, so if you haven’t seen effects in 1-2 hours, do not increase your dosage as it might trigger the onset of the side effects. Gummies come in various flavors and sizes. An average gummy is 20-40mg, depending on the brand you buy it from. This way, you can take a quarter or half of a gummy if you’re a newbie and 2-3 gummies if you’re an advanced user. If the size of each gummy is not mentioned, you can divide the bag or jar’s total size by the number of gummies present in the bag to calculate the individual size per serving. On the other hand, if you’re using raw flowers, the size of one flower is often mentioned in the package. Accordingly, you can make a joint of that flower or crush it and add it to your favorite recipes, such as brownies or cookies. These also take 2-3 hours to show optimum effects. CAPSULES/SOFT GELS Capsules follow the same suit as edibles, so dosing is fairly easy. Each product jar or bag mentions the total size of the bag and how many capsules it contains. As a result, you can divide the number of capsules by the total jar size and dose accordingly for each capsule. WAX Waxes are a relatively potent form of delta-8. Therefore, we would like to mention beforehand that newbies and intermediate users should avoid this dosage method. The inhalation of wax hits hard and fast. The easiest way to take wax is with a honey straw, as the tip of the straw is hot and melts the wax to vaporize it. The vapors are then inhaled via the straw. If you are new to using waxes (but not to delta-8), even one hit might be enough to get you high. However, if you’ve been using wax for some time, you can increase this to 2 hits. If you’re a regular wax user, then you can even take up to 4 hits. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DELTA-8 THC CAN I OVERDOSE ON DELTA-8? We understand that you might worry about overdosing on Delta-8, as it is a psychoactive substance. However, you don’t need to stress yourself out, as the legal amount of Delta-8 is equivalent to 0.3% THC. This amount is so low that Delta-8 poses no real threat to health. Regardless, this subject demands more research as there is no way to know what threat a higher concentration could pose to the human body. Several side effects show up if you take more Delta-8 than your recommended dosage, so we recommend you stay within limits provided according to your age, weight, and tolerance levels. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR ME TO GET HIGH? There is no one way to answer this question as every person has their tolerance levels and metabolism, which shows how much time a substance’s absorption level will take. If two people take Delta-8 together, they might not offer the same results in the same time frame. This is because every human body has its own capacity. In comparison to Delta-9, Delta-8 takes more time to show effects due to the difference in potency level. Similarly, there is a difference between the types of products you consume. For example, if you take a wax, the effects will be potent and hit you hard, whereas taking a gummy could take some hours to show effects. If you are a person with a higher metabolism rate, you will see the effects quicker than those with a slower metabolism rate. Similarly, if your tolerance is somewhat built, you will see effects taking place slower than someone new to this drug. ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS TO TAKING A HIGH DOSE? As we have mentioned before, there hasn’t been much research done on the subject of Delta-8, so the full extent of its side effects hasn’t been studied yet. The legal amount of THC is too low to fully determine how many side effects can be seen in a higher concentrate. If you take a higher dose, at worst, you will experience an itchy throat which could last for a few hours. The milder side effects include having red eyes and a dry mouth. Additionally, some people may experience restlessness, anxiety, jitteriness, and insomnia. Researchers have speculated that continuing regular use of Delta-8 for a long time could have more side effects like complications in embryonic development and potential liver damage. WILL I FAIL A DRUG TEST? You might be wondering if taking Delta-8 can cause you to fail a drug test. Well, you are right to worry. Delta-8 is detectable on a drug test, so it will cause you to fail a drug test as well. Delta-8 is a legal substance, so failing a drug test might be a bit confusing. The reason behind this is a bit chemical. Once Delta-8 is ingested, it breaks down into metabolites which turn Delta-8 into THC-COOH. This is the same molecule that is the result of Delta-9 breakage, which is an illegal substance. Since Delta-9 is illegal and there is no way of knowing whether the metabolites on the drug test came from Delta-8 or Delta-9, the drug test fails overall. One obvious way to avoid failing a drug test is not to take the drug when a test is coming up. If you have already taken the test, you should wait at least 30 days before taking a regular urine test. On the other hand, if you have a nail or hair test, you should abstain from delta-8 for 3-6 months before taking the test. IS DELTA-8 DOSAGE THE SAME AS CBD DOSAGE? People often believe that Delta-8 might be toxic because it is more potent than CBD, but this is a misconception. The effects of Delta-8 are rather different from CBD, which might be why people choose the former rather than the latter. Moreover, CBD is non-psychoactive and is only used for medicinal purposes, whereas Delta-8 is psychoactive and available for medicinal and recreational use. So, you can take Delta-8 and CBD products in the same amount as they have almost the same effect on the body. CBD, however, has very mild effects, and people might want to increase the dose to experience better effects, but that is not recommended. This is because CBD is non-psychoactive, so it will not show better effects just because you increase its dose. CONCLUSION: WHAT IS THE PERFECT DELTA-8 DOSAGE? Delta-8 serves as the best aid on the darkest days, and if you know how to administer it correctly, this drug can be a constant companion daily. Selecting the right Delta-8 product and brand is the most important thing, followed by knowing the legality clause and dosage chart of the Delta-8 products. Choosing the right product and its corresponding dosage chart can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you stick to the guidelines given in this article, you will have a wonderful time experimenting with this drug.


    CONTAINING DELTA 8 THC: RETAIN THE QUALITY Delta-8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. In the last few years, it has garnered quite a bit of popularity among scientists and weed enthusiasts alike. Much like its not-so-distant cousin, Delta-9 THC, this compound can last pretty long in storage. However, that depends entirely on how you store it as a user. Not to worry, though. Today we will share with you all of the necessary information about this compound’s shelf life. Alongside that, we will throw in a few useful tips on how to store Delta-8 properly. HOW LONG DOES EFFECTS OF DELTA-8 LAST? Delta-9 is sensitive to environmental factors like oxygen, warmth, and sunlight. As such, when exposed to these conditions, it degrades quickly and loses its potency and aroma. Although Delta-8 is a variant of this compound, it has a different chemical composition. Compared to Delta-9, Delta-8 has significantly better resistance to said degrading factors. Thus, it remains stable and enjoys a longer shelf life when compared to Delta-9 THC. Nevertheless, remember that having a longer shelf life does not mean Delta-8 products will not expire. Like everything else with ingredients and components, Delta-8 THC can and will expire at some point. But you can rest assured all things being equal, it should still be useful and enjoyable for you within the first six to nine months of its manufacture date. STORE DELTA 8: TIPS & FACTORS Although Delta-8 is more resistant to environmental factors, storing its products the right way is important if you would like them to last as long as they possibly can. Following the tips below, you can preserve the flavor, efficacy, and potency of the products for a longer time. Always Use the Classic “Cool, Dark Spot” Keep Delta-8 products in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to protect their THC content. A pantry, cabinet, or drawer will do just fine. Depending on the specific type of product you are trying to preserve, a fridge is also an excellent option. The primary purpose is to protect your delta-8 supply from high temperatures and bright lights. This is especially important for edibles, like gummies, that are at risk of melting and ending up in a shapeless mess. Get Some Airtight Containers Delta-9 quickly oxidizes into CBN, hence the need for greater care during its storage process. In contrast, however, Delta-8 does not oxidize readily and, as a result, is much easier to store. Regardless, you should store your Delta-8 products in airtight containers, as doing so will slow down Delta-8 THC oxidation even further, increasing its shelf life. It will also keep the other ingredients used in the Delta-8 product fresh for as long as possible. Keep Them Away from Humidity or Moisture Humidity and moisture are some of cannabis’ biggest enemies. A 2015 study by Boveda revealed that cannabis preserved with controlled humidity levels had 15% higher cannabinoids and terpenes than those stored without humidity control. In the case of Delta-8, humidity can reduce its potency and turn it into a sticky mess. For that reason, it is best to avoid such conditions and keep your Delta-8 products in dark and cool spots. The kitchen, bathroom, and the car outside have humid and warm environments and should be avoided. CAN EXPIRED DELTA-8 MAKE ME SICK? Yes and no. Delta-8 is a natural compound that loses potency over time, but it does not go as bad as spoiled milk. Even if the product has expired, the Delta-8 content will not make you sick but will simply stop giving you the desired effects. So, you are safe in that regard. However, other ingredients in the product, such as oils, might turn rancid and negatively impact your health. With this being the case, it is simply best not to take any risks. Immediately when you notice your products have passed their expiry dates, throw them out and get fresh ones. FOR HOW LONG CAN I USE MY DELTA-8 VAPE CARTRIDGES? Now, apart from the cartridge structure itself, a consistent buildup of sticky fluids in the device can cause it to leak and eventually get clogged. By properly preserving your Delta-8 in the cartridge, you can reduce the chances of it getting overly sticky and clogging up your cartridge. If, however, you still have clogging issues, then you might want to start by making sure your cartridge is always in a vertical position. Additionally, you want to take softer puffs and pull extra air with each puff. If that does not do it for you, try taking only a few puffs without activating the vaporizer. This can help unclog the cartridge’s airway for a smooth flow. Cleaning your cartridge’s mouthpiece with a toothpick is another effective way to restore the flow. Equally, you can use a safety pin or any other similar object that you can easily pass through the opening and rotate. Lastly, try preheating the cartridge before use. If you follow these tips, your vape cartridge can last up to two years without losing potency. However, if your cartridge’s expiry date is not that far away, it is better to consume it than to try and make it last longer than it should. Granted, an expired cartridge might not make you terribly sick. However, it will lose its potency and might taste bad. WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF A DELTA-8 GUMMY? Like any other Delta-8 product, gummies can also last up to two years, depending on how well you store them. Not to worry, though. We doubt you will be able to resist the all-too-enticing flavors and effects of Delta-8 gummies for up to two years. In fact, most users usually consume them within the first three months. But, if you want to store your gummies longer, try not to exceed six to nine months, as that is when you can enjoy the optimal outcome. For periods longer than that, follow our preservation tips. HOW TO KNOW IF DELTA-8 IS NO LONGER USABLE? Once Delta-8 goes bad, some noticeable changes let you know it is past redemption. Therefore, it is essential to notice these changes on time and put the stock away. Below are some of them: Loss of Potency Ineffectiveness is the most prominent sign of expired Delta-8. If you immediately notice you are not feeling the effects anymore, barring a tolerance buildup, you can conclude it has expired. Discoloration When Delta-8 oxidizes and expires, it loses its original color, and it may get darker or duller. Just pay attention to discoloration of any type. Bad Smell After the expiry of Delta-8, its THC content starts to break down, giving it an unpleasant smell. Therefore, if you notice any odd smell, you will know it is no longer usable. CONCLUSION: MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF DELTA 8 HEMP Delta-8 THC is an excellent compound that often tastes just as good as it feels. It is capable of giving you a mellow high that does not leave you feeling anxious or paranoid. If we had a huge stash of something like that, we would consider it a perfect gift from Mother Nature and would not want it to get spoiled right under our noses. Our guess is that you would not want this either. So, we have made a guide list for you. Keep our storage tips in mind, and you should have several months of Delta-8 THC to enjoy. Cheers!

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